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Ben Cogswell on Interactive Posters using Google Slides

Ben Cogswell on Interactive Posters using Google Slides

Looking for a creative way to enhance group presentations in your classroom? Ben Cogswell built on an idea called “Interactive Posters” to enhance what was already going on in the physical classroom. These Interactive Posters allow students to creatively work together with one another as they blend both analog and digital presentations.

Ben is a educational technology TOSA in Salinas, California, also known as the “Salad Bowl capital of the World”. His school district serves just over 9,000 students who are between Pre-K and 6th grades.

Interactive Posters are best begun by having students first collaborate on a physical poster. Ben asks students to use different colored markers as they begin their physical posters. This is a helpful way of assessing student input and involvement as they work together. Once they finish their physical poster they then take a picture of their poster and upload it into Google Slides.

Interactive Posters, Gone Wild!.jpg

The exciting part of a project like this is when students get to take what they created and make it interactive. In the lesson example Ben shared, students had created a poster about character traits from a class novel. Once the students finished their poster a picture was taken of their creation.

This picture was then uploaded to a google slides presentation where students made it into an Interactive Poster. Students can then add another layer to their posters by linking additional writing, images, etc. that enhance their work. After the digital content is completed students add a home button to each slide to aid in navigating back to the beginning of the presentation. The finished product is a deeply collaborative presentation format that gives students to opportunity to creatively share what they are learning.

After our interview I used this lesson idea in my own classroom. Using our class novel, “Jackie and Me” we were able to use Interactive Posters to describe some of the characters from our book.  The students were able to get creative with how they presented their character and were very excited to share their creations! Be sure to take a look at the following resources for more details on Interactive Posters and follow Ben on twitter and check out his website for more great ideas.



Interactive Posters Presentation:

Some Inspiration (Google Cheat Sheets):

Original Inspiration: @MathButler


Ben Cogswell on Twitter and his Website:

Twitter: @cogswell_Ben



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