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Eddie Gonzalez shares on Creating with Virtual Reality

Eddie Gonzalez shares on Creating with Virtual Reality

Eddie Gonzalez: Creating Rather Than Consuming VR


Eddie Gonzalez is passionate about getting students to create using Virtual Reality (VR), rather than just consume VR. He’s currently a teacher, teaching primarily 6th-grade students language arts and history. He’s also taught various other grades and subjects. The one common thread in each of his classes is that Eddie always includes VR in his teaching.


“In each of those classes, I always incorporate 3D models, just in different ways.”


Eddie’s noticed something about kids through all his work with them and his work with Virtual Reality in EDU. He’s seen that for kids “regardless of their ancestral cultures...their culture is technology.”

Eddie Gonzalez

Eddie Gonzalez


No matter where different students’ ancestors came from, growing up in the US has given the children a way of life completely built around technology. This new culture shapes how children think and act.


“Every kid jumps at the opportunity to create something they can share.”


Talking about what VR he uses in his class, Eddie explained that while he’s had experience with several programs, including Sketchup and Tinkercad, he largely uses a platform called Sketchfab.


“ giving kids the opportunity to use the drag and drop methods to actually create VR. It’s accessible. It’s free. It’s intuitive.”


Eddie wanted to make sure his students were learning and using VR. He tried out different methods to see what would work in convincing kids of the merits of using VR for themselves.


One thing he found success with was showing kids how VR is used outside of the classroom. When the students learned, for example, how VR is used in pro football, they were excited and interested to see how VR can be used in real life. To the students, all of a sudden Virtual Reality got bigger than just an assignment in the classroom.


For more information about how to take what Eddie’s doing for his students and apply it in your classroom check out the information below!


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